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Image of prescription pad.

A Prescription
for COPD and CHF

Prescribing the best care for chronic disease management has never been easier.

Introducing Telehomecare

Telehomecare supports patients with COPD or CHF through health coaching and remote monitoring.  It complements the care provided by the patient’s primary care provider.

With easy-to-use equipment, patients measure their vital signs and answer simple questions about how they are feeling.  Specially-trained registered nurses – or other clinicians – monitor results and alert the primary care provider if there are signs of an exacerbation. Weekly telephone coaching educates patients about how their behaviour affects the way they feel. Primary care providers receive regular reports on a schedule they prefer.

Through Telehomecare, patients gain the skill and confidence to effectively manage their condition at home.  In results from the patients enrolled by William Osler Health System, (Central West LHIN Telehomecare Program) Telehomecare demonstrated a reduction of 70 per cent  in ER visits and a reduction of 76 per cent in in-patient admissions six months after discharge from the program compared with the pre-Telehomecare rate.

Patients can currently be enrolled in Telehomecare in most regions of Ontario through a simple one-step process.  There is no cost and patients report a high degree of satisfaction and a decreased need to go to the ER.

Telehomecare in action

Meet Otto and Ulla.

Better health. At home.

Ian talks about how Telehomecare helped him.